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Maine East High School Athletic Booster Club Scholarship - Faculty Character Reference

The Maine East High School Athletic Booster Club will award scholarships to at least one Senior each year. The scholarships will be awarded for the pursuit of higher education and not limited to traditional 2 yr./4 yr. colleges - any type of trade school (auto, beauty, etc.) is also included in this opportunity. The purpose of the award is to recognize athletic participation, team contribution, sportsmanship, and commitment. These awards will be presented at the annual “Senior Honors Night”.

As part of the application process we require a character reference from a member of the Maine East Faculty or Staff who did not coach the student.  The letter should support the student qualifications for the scholarship.


Notice: This application must be in the Athletic Department no later than noon on, Friday, April 19, 2024, to prevent applicant’s disqualification.

Please write you character reference related to the student above.  Please do not use the Student's name in the reference below to give anonymity of the candidate to the Selection Committe.

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